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With this you can review all the movements in your game.

Some Tips To Consider If You Want To Become A LoL Master


Every avid game player wants to be a master in whatever game they play; hence, every League of Legends player wants to be a LoL master. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen in one or even five levels or rounds. But it is possible to happen to anyone who is determined and dedicated. It may be difficult but there are some ways to expedite the achievement of that goal. All you need to have is a teachable mind that is willing to apply the strategies you learn from different sources. Here, you will be given some tips to be a master player.



The Tips You Should Consider


  • Take a break.


Oh yes, you read it right. Just like with any kind of work, you need to consider taking a break because over-playing can cause stress and can lessen your concentration skills. It can be two to three days at least. You do not have to worry about losing your gaming skills because you can always sharpen them without actually playing by doing the next tip.


  • Watch streams online and learn from professionals.


You can watch streams while taking a break so you can see how the professionals move and strategize. You can pick up some ideas you have not thought of for champions and find out which are the strongest ones.


  • Choose a champion you are confident with.


When you are back at gaming, then you might have learned that choosing a champion you are comfortable with is a great factor for winning. You need to ascertain versatility and sturdy knowledge of lanes and roles.  This tip can be a great part of your gameplan.


  • Record your game play.


You can see your weak and strong points. You will realize what could have been done and what to do next time. You can use apps or software that are best for recording games which can also give you optimum recorded file.

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