duck hunting Missouri

Getting to know more about duck hunting

The Missouri duck hunting season is one of the popular and most awaited hunting events that every hardcore waterfowl duck hunter was eagerly waiting throughout the year. Everyone who has passion in hunting knows that the hunting season in this location is the best place as they can find more ducks and geese than other places. This is due to the abundance of flooded crop lands situated near it and so ducks try to hibernate there.

How to find the best spot?

The major challenge for a hunter is to find out the best spot for him as this location has wide area of rice fields and so migratory birds are abundantly available.Most the birds travel south during migration season but ducks and geese stops here as they got the food and comfortable place and so they stay here. As these birds have been flying from the north for long time and miles, they won’t wish to fly further and settle down here. These birds will be staying here till the end of spring and so this made the best spot for duck hunts.

Various types of duck hunting

The hunting styles changes for everyone as per their comfortability and their preference but any style is suitable for a best hunting spot. The hunting of ducks and geese based on their stay in rice fields is called as rice field hunting. Pit binds hunting or ardent hunting are another type of duck hunting which involves staying in a place for long time where ducks might come in as flocks and stay for a while. Another set of people consider going for guided duck hunting as they can learn more about hunting as well as getting to know the new hunting techniques and hunting equipment available in the market which helps them to become a successful duck hunter.

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