In this phase, you may want to use a little bit of motion.

Dog trainer Albuquerque Ideas: Using Your Voice to Command Your Dog


It is true that there is lots of value for a dog to hear his name especially if it comes from his dog trainer or master. In fact, while doing so, you can even use exciting and bubbly words while calling out for his name. You can even incorporate lots of fun in it by moving away while using some stimulating voice to really make it fun for the dog. In this way, your dog will be able to respond to that name which will become the norm for the dog so every time you call out for his name, his attention will be heightened upon hearing his name.

Once one would be able to establish this, one may be able to proceed to a more difficult process which will require discipline and attention from your dog. This is the part where you need to further challenge your dog a bit and may even require tougher training skills.

What you need to do:

  • The testing phase

One of the most important steps in teaching your dog their name is the testing phase. Initially, this process would involve showing of food as a reward for your dog to respond positively to is name. But this time, a read this dog trainer albuquerque don’t automatically show the dog the food. This is where the trainer will just call out for his name see what happens. Yes, good boy. Very nice.

  • The use of stimulating or motivating language

However, you don’t automatically put the treats in front of his face. Let’s test him again. If he responds positively to it, it’s a good sign.

If you can see how excited he is to respond to his name and how much fun he’s having, then that’s really important. It is also crucial that your puppies are loving every minute of the training.


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