GolfMark, ClubMark and RangeMark
In 2002, Sport England introduced Clubmark as a way of recognising junior-friendly sports clubs and facilities.

Golf’s accreditation is the GolfMark, and any club affiliated to EGU/EWGA may apply. A club which is successfully awarded the GolfMark will also be awarded the ClubMark.

RangeMark is also available, a scaled down qualification for driving ranges.

Bedfordshire has two clubs with the GolfMark: Tilsworth and Leighton Buzzard.

The Bedfordshire County Golf Partnership encourages clubs to apply for the GolfMark. It is important for clubs to have the GolfMark because:

  • It is important for clubs to have all the necessary child protection in place.
  • Larger grant and development funding amounts are available from Sport England.
  • Sports development organisations actively discourage parents from choosing clubs that do not have the GolfMark. This could not only mean clubs may potentially lose junior members, it also means clubs will find it harder to gain junior members.

For further information about GolfMark, ClubMark and how to apply, please click here.

Sport England recently published the 2nd edition of Sources of Funding & Resources for Golf. Click here to download.

County Cards and Advantage Cards
The golfer’s flexible friends. In May, the EGU will be launching its Advantage Card for golfers who are not members of clubs to supplement the existing County Cards, for club members. Both schemes offer purchasers of the card discounted green fees at participating clubs. Clubs also gain from the schemes by capturing marketing data, profiting from the sale of the cards and also using the scheme flexibility to set the green fees at just the right level.
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In March 2009, the BCGU has agreed to make the county card available to all members of Bedfordshire golf clubs this year – both men and women. It will be available from club secretary/managers at a cost of £10. It will cover over 700 clubs in 23 counties from Cumbria to Dorset.