Welcome to the Bedfordshire County Golf Partnership

County Golf Partnerships are developing throughout England and work is underway to ensure that Bedfordshire is involved. The aim of golf partnerships is to bring together the three main golfing organisations, the English Golf Union, English Women’s Golf Association and the Professional Golfers Association, with support from the Golf Foundation, Sport England and County Sports Partnerships.

The Bedfordshire County Golf Partnership (BCGP) was set up to introduce more people to golf and help ‘grow the game’ within the county. The Partnership is between the Bedfordshire County Golf Union, Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association and the Bedfordshire Professional Golfers Association. Our aim is to work closely with all golf facilities in Bedfordshire enabling more people to enjoy the health, fitness, and social benefits of playing golf.

Our Mission:

‘To grow the game in Bedfordshire’
Source: Bedfordshire County Golf Partnership Constitution

Our Objectives:

1. To promote the game of golf and increase peoples awareness
2. To introduce more people to golf regardless of age, gender or background
3. To provide opportunities for people to regularly participate in golf
4. To make it easier for people to join a golf club by improving accessibility and affordability.
5. To establish procedures to enable the training and support of volunteers.
6. To establish a repository of standards and good practice
7. To support the development of golfing talent
8. To obtain funding to enable the plan to be written and objectives to be achieved.
9. To get the plan agreed.

This Website:

This website contains details of all the clubs in Bedfordshire, special offers and events around the county, plus all the information you need to play golf in Bedfordshire. It doesn’t matter whether you are a +3 handicapper, or a novice, we are here to help you enjoy playing golf.